It is hard to say when it all began. Maybe it was the first time we set our foot on a Greek beach many years ago. Since then we have visited many resorts, cities, taverns, wineries, places that have enchanted us, enticed us to return in Greece again and again. I am pretty sure that you know what we are talking about because you have also found there something to make you dream about that human experience. This desire to recharge. Something to harbor in your memories, to help you pull through the long weeks when the beaches are ousted by a working schedule.
Lefkada is a place of many faces. Everybody could find something for oneself. In Nidri you would find yourself in the center of a motley crowd. Vasiliki is a different world.  It attracts the free-spirited souls, surfers, sailors and adventurers. Karia would take you back in time. Here old ladies would show you finely crafted embroideries and would tell you stories about times long gone. In the main city on the island, also called Lefkada, you could find about anything and you could find lots of it. Like the biggest port for boats and yachts is located here.
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